• Ersin KILIÇOĞLU is a graphic designer. Always thinking about typefaces, colors, vectors, pixels and some more graphic stuffs. Over 8 years working with design agencies and printing houses. Basically focused on print design but trying to upgrade himself day-by-day.

    Everything can be an artwork with some balance, space, emphasis, sense, geometry, contrast, unity, hierarchy, rhythm and theme. Yes it can be hard but it's gonna be worthed when you done the project. So Ersin Kılıçoğlu knows all this stuffs and trying to make an artwork from ideas everytime.



    Balance is the main principle in all design works. We are recognizing this world with our senses. We have two eyes and they want to see the world balanced. Our design must be supported by the physics, math, nature etc. Balance in design, works with geometry, rhythm, unity and your eyes.


    Space as a design principle is the blank areas in the work. Everything have to take a breath. Design too. Space gives to design some simplicity and relaxing. It works with geometry and balance.


    Design must have just one big thought of emphasis. If there are two or more, it will get complicated.


    Everything in the universe has a character. You can see it in car designs, animals, or typefaces. Character gives a sense to us. If you design something, you have to make a decision about senses and characters.


    Everything in the universe is made with geometry. It gives design some balance, space and rhythm.


    Contrast makes the design more good looking and tastier. If the design has no balance, it tires our eyes.


    Unity is the relationship among the elements. It gives a sense of oneness.


    Hierarchy influences the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. This order is created by the visual contrast between forms in a field of perception.


    Rhythm allows your design to develop an internal consistency. It makes design attractive, impressive and memorable.


    Theme is the main idea of design. It works with unity and hierarchy. Actually, all the principles work together to tell something. If you miss one of them, design will be inadequate.

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